Things We Lost
In The Fire

On screen

I worked for many years with independent band Things We Lost In The Fire. For the website, I worked on the design and visuals while a programmer I know developed the code.
The site was designed to be as slimline as possible and rely on external sites for all the content – blog posts, videos, mp3s, etc.
Blog screen
Music screen

Artwork (gen 1)

Song artwork

This artwork was developed for individual songs that the band released digitally. It was produced at full print resolution in case this was necessary in the future.
I used a layout that would create a common visual language between the different pieces of artwork, allowing photography and colour to make stark differences.

Police Dogs cover

Trigger cover

Things We Lost In The Fire cover

Artwork (gen 2)

Skeletons cover

Song artwork

These artworks were created in the same way of using an overall visual style and creating difference using image choice.
Bold typography was introduced as another way of creating interest and the photography was specifically limited to close-up abstract shots.

Carrion Crows cover

Gallipoli cover

Album packaging

How To Start A War packaging

The band self-released a seven-track album and the decision was made to keep the visual style that had been used for the digital releases.
The company producing the physical CDs had a template available for producing the artwork and the final product was a cardboard case with a plastic insert to hold the CD.

Album case
Front view

Album case
Back view

Album case